Charlotte Archer is a self taught artist from East London, she began her career in art in 2014 after moving full time to Ibiza where she began painting murals for restaurants and villas, which led to creating art installations and decor for Ibizas' biggest nightclubs, such as DC10, Sankeys, Zoo Project & Space.

In 2019 Charlotte discovered her love for painting portraits, she draws inspiration from her favourite musicians for many of her portraits, from hip-hop to jungle, reggae and soul, her love for music shines through.
As well as painting portraits, Charlotte has a vast collection of abstract and figurative art and also works on digital artwork for various record labels.

You will see a more surreal style in

Charlottes abstract paintings, the ‘beings’ are often autobiographical with each mood & expression telling the stories of life’s ups and downs.


Charlotte mainly uses oils, acrylics, spray paints and pastels to create her works on canvas.