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Mandala Limited Edition Prints

Last month I went home to London, I set myself a goal to paint 2 intricate mandala paintings in 1 week.

a) Because I wanted to get them photographed and prints made in time for Christmas!

b) It's important for me to set myself goals and time lines, when you're a self employed artist sometimes it can be easy to get distracted,.

c) I love painting mandalas, the repetition and symmetry sends me into a nice relaxing trance while I paint, although usually I'm woken up with the realisation of the back and neck pain 8 hours in.

I made 2 mandalas, the first was the turquoise which took me around 12 hours to paint. I put little cacti, some sunset gradients and pyramids so it has warm desert like feel!

The second was this muted orange colour, it's more summery with some palm trees and leaves dotted around.

Both were then taken to my friend who owns the School of Photography in Essex, they were photographed, edited and sent off for printing!

3 days later the prints arrived at my home where I signed them and packaged them in plastic sleeves ready to take to my friends Christmas market that weekend! (ATB - check their Facebook page they have another market coming up in Spring)

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