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Tony Pikes 1934 - 2019

MR TONY PIKE 1934 - 2019

If you knew him personally, have read his autobiography (which I would highly recommend) or have just heard stories about him, you will know what an extraordinary life this man lived. He arrived to Ibiza in 1978 and went on to build and create one of the most infamous hotels in the world. Pikes Hotel.

I feel very lucky to have been able to have some of my best nights there and to have met him.

Although the last time we spoke he bought me a drink and we sat down and he was telling me one of his many unbelievable life stories involving an ex wife, then he excused himself and went to the toilet, I wait for about 20 minutes telling myself he's pretty old so it must take him a while, then I saw him walking past 10 minutes later with a tall attractive blonde woman and realised I wasn't going to get the hear the end of that story hahaha I'm sure a lot of people have funny Tony stories to share.

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