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Decorating Casa Ibango

Now, if you've been to Ibiza you will know how you can easily end up in the strangest situations, in random villas with a mixed bunch of colourful interesting and slightly nuts people.....

If you've stayed during the winter you will know that those people you met in the summer suddenly seem very normal compared to all the people who have surfaced in December!

A playground for the young and old who wanted to escape the rat race, Ibiza will definitely open your mind and allow you to mix with those you maybe wouldn't if you'd stayed in Romford (lol).

Trace Harris, is certainly a character and the people that come to stay at his self made community casa make even him look perfectly average !

At Ibango, you will find Zulu princess's, Artists, many musicians playing instruments you've never heard of, Shamans & Knife sharpeners.

Last year in February I returned back to Ibiza from Costa Rica with my boyfriend Gerson, we stayed at Casa Ibango for a few months and painted their Amphitheatre area with a big, bright & colourful Flower of Life symbol. Every Tuesday throughout the year - Trace hosts a live music jam. Everyone is welcome, entrance is free and his girlfriend Silvia is on hand with delicious homemade vegan food.

Skip to this year, Trace asked if we would come over to paint his camper van which him and Silvia plan to take travelling!

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