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Art Auction Time!

After returning full of ideas and energy from our trip to Uganda... I met up with Kellie Allen from The Hub Ibiza and we put our heads together to come up with some ideas on how to raise some money to donate to The Abode Project.

God knows why....but we decided it would be a great idea for me to paint an entire collection of portraits copied for the photographs taken of the African children on the trip and sell them at auction in 20 days time....


The tireless hours of painting began.....

One of the photos I copied from was one of my favourite images from the trip captured by Charlotte Robinson

This little boy is named Edigar and is now very special to me...youll have to read my latest blog to see why!

Anyway, the night was a great success thanks to all my amazing friends who came and helped to promote it, thanks to The Hub for hosting the event and putting so much of their time into making it was it was. The food , drinks and market stall holders who added to the great atmosphere and to Ryan Koriya who was our live musician, bringing us some African beats!

As well as my artwork we also auctioned off some beautiful graffiti pieces from Gerson & Claks, it was their first collection together and shouldn't be their last!

We raised over £3000 for the charity which I was over the moon with considering its pretty quiet in Ibiza just before Christmas and we only had 2 weeks to promote it!

Id love to do another charity auction in Spring 2019 but i'll make sure I have way more time to prepare and paint haha Watch this space!

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